Friday, August 31, 2007

Cookie Monster

Julia is a chatterbox. She repeats everything the other three say, and it makes us laugh. I think that one of my favorite things that she says is "Cookie Monster." She used to refer to him as "Um num num" (the sound he makes when he eats cookies). Now she calls him "Dooddy (oo as in book) Nonner." I love it. I'll look for his picture in books just so I can ask her who he is.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Things That Make Me Smile

The 3 men of our household are upstairs working on the moulding in the bathroom...

Daniel: What's that sugar?

Jay: It's not sugar, Daniel, it's wood crumbs.

Big and Cute

This picture makes her look so big. She and I went to Dunkin Donuts after dropping Hannah off at school on Monday. She kept making me laugh as we sat at a table eating and talking. She is a fun little one to know.

School, Part 3

Jay is starting kindergarten. He is SO excited! I think because in his mind it makes him not little any more and Jay cannot wait to be bigger.

Mom: Jay, what do you think about starting school?

Jay: I think it's going to be fun and exciting and I get to learn more things.

Mom: Why are you so excited about school?

Jay: I want to help Daniel learn more stuff and I want to learn more stuff that I don't know.

I want to learn more about Jesus and more about what is right.

I'm really proud of him. He can't wait to absorb all these new things. I'm excited to see how well he'll do and how much he'll learn this year.

School, Part 2

26 years ago (wow), I began riding a bus to school. On my first day of first grade, I couldn't remember the name of my school...the bus driver and some nice older kids helped figure it out, but the experience left a lasting memory. Today Hannah began riding the bus. She marched onto North Pocono Bus #80 (I've been quizzing her on that information just to make sure she knew.) and buckled her seatbelt and settled in and never looked back. She was very excited. I suppose that's how it always goes with parents and kids. The parents hold back tears, letting them go knowing it's what is best for them, and the kids march forward with great anticipation.

I have been anxious about this moment for quite some time now. But as always, God is kind... The bus Hannah rides only has Geneva School kids on it. The bus driver is a believer. And the bus has seatbelts (important to a parent!). We live the furthest out, so Hannah is the first to be picked up at 6:50am (yikes!). I'm not sure what time she'll get home, probably around 4:00. It's a long day...longer for me than her, I'm convinced.

Monday, August 27, 2007

School, Part 1

Today was Hannah's first day of school...
She is a second grader at The Geneva School.
(I taught her at home for kindergarten and first grade.) On the way to school we prayed. This is part of her prayer, "and thank you for helping me be excited and not nervous. And please help my siblings and parents not to miss me too much."
She had a great time and those of us at home did all right without her (although I did miss her).

Thursday, August 23, 2007

O is for Octopus

My husband and I have been vigorously working on our upstairs bathroom. We have been partially done redoing it for a few years now. So, we've tackled it and are making good headway. He has purchased and built two new cabinets and is working on trim and mouldings (floor and crown), and I have been painting-wainscoating, upper wall, and ceiling (and the "highlights" in my hair can tell you what colors I'm using.

So, this morning as I was working, our three year old, Daniel, came into the bathroom. He picked up a small parts bag (from the shelves). It had the letter O on it. He said, "Mommy, what does O start with?" (meaning what starts with O) I relied, "Octopus starts with O, Daniel." And he then asked, "Were there octopuses in this bag?"

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Time for a Big Girl Bed

Our little one, Julia, is now in a big girl bed. It's funny because she seemed so huge in her crib, and now she seems so small in her bed. She is the same age as all the others were when they moved to the bed. She cutely declares (while pointing up), "Hannah's bed." And then while pointing down, "Julia's bed."

The first night I had to remind her a couple of times that she is not allowed to get out of her bed. And now, even when she wakes up in the morning, she won't leave her bed. Such a cutie.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Sweet Little Julia

Julia is 19 months (which is how old Hannah was when Jay was born). She has grown a lot in the last 6 weeks or so. She talks like crazy and is very entertaining. She also loves babies. She notices them stores, on tv, in pictures...and loudly and repeatedly declares "Baby!"
Today she walked into the office with this baby wrapped in a blanket and said, "Mommy, baby heep [sleep], Mommy. Baby leep." She proceeded to rock and gently pat the baby.
So sweet.