Friday, October 31, 2008

A Bag of M&Ms

I considered dressing myself as the bag of M&Ms... :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A break

Two weeks ago, on a Saturday, I took a break from the endless painting and unpacking and took the kids to a pumpkin farm and apple orchard. The kids were having fun choosing a pumpkin of their own. The pumpkin field we were in (courtesy of the haywagon that brought us out there) was right next to the apple trees, so I let the kids each pick an apple to (buy and then) eat. I chose Julia's to make sure she didn't get one with worm holes in it. When I handed it to her, she looked at me quite confused, and asked, "Is this my pumpkin?" After a brief explanation, she understood, and resumed her search of a pumpkin just her size.
The break was nice, the day was beautiful, and the kids had fun. I think next year, I may go out and pick apples...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Way It Was...

During the month of September, we spent a lot of time painting and working on the house. At that time we had no furniture. So, here are a few pictures of what life was like then...

Living Room furniture (pre-carpet)

Kitchen furniture

Sleeping arrangements

We've come a long way from these pictures. We're not quite done yet, but we are getting there. Stay tuned...

Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm back

Well, we finally have internet at the house, and the camera is finally charged, and though I have painting I should be doing, I am here, sitting at the desk, updating my blog for all of you who have been patiently (and some not so patiently...) waiting.

I'm going to back up a little and show some pictures from the past few weeks and then gradually catch up to current pictures.

In the middle of September, the kids and I took a trip out to Pittsburgh and my sister and I took the seven cousins to the Pittsburgh Zoo. Just like last year when we went, Julia still liked the elephants. She didn't, however, still call them "el-mints." This year there was a baby elephant which combined her two favorite things: elephants and babies. She was thrilled. I have to say, I was too. The baby was so cute. I commented "look how little she is!" To which my sister added, "yes, but she weighs 3oo pounds!" I guess she just looked little compared to the gigantic adult elephants.

My favorite animal at the zoo is the giraffe. Hannah speculated that the giraffe is my favorite because it doesn't make any noise. Hmmm, my daughter knows me well.