Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hannah's Birthday Party

As many of you know, we direct a camp. Most of the time during the summer we are extremely busy. This is the half-way point in the summer, and we have a week off. So even though her birthday isn't till late next week, on Monday, she had her birthday party.

Here you see a mixture of friends from Cherry Street Bible Church, Geneva School, and Clifton Community Church.
Hannah loves Geography, so I made her a globe cake.

Friday, July 18, 2008

We Have Another Swimmer!

Jay has now also proven that he can swim in the deep end!
I knew when Hannah showed that she could swim, that Jay wouldn't be far behind her.

Monday, July 14, 2008

We Have a Swimmer!

Hannah has proven that she can swim. She is capable of jumping off of the diving board and swimming independently to the ladder (to climb out and do it again)! She has been working on this for awhile now, and has accomplished it. I had a proud moment watching her (and also felt a little less nervous about her being in the pool).
Good work, Hannah!

(She actually posed, mid-air, for this picture.)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Smile With the Missing Tooth

Here is the promised picture of Jay's new smile (see previous post for the story).

Please excuse the chocolate all over his face...he really enjoyed his "Moose Tracks" ice cream.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Jay's First Missing Tooth

On Sunday Jay discovered that his tooth was extremely loose. Being that this is his first to go, it pretty much made his day. He was so excited that today might be the day it fell out. I encouraged him to keep wiggling it with his tongue so that it would be ready soon.
Well, today Jay asked his Dad to step in and assist the process with a pair of pliers (I guess the suspense was just too much). On the second tug, the tooth came out. He proudly showed it to his siblings (Daniel was especially interested). We then put it in a tooth box and he put it under his pillow.
Since Hannah lost her first tooth, I have jokingly told the kids that when they lose a tooth that then I "put on my tooth fairy skirt, pick up my tooth fairy wand and skip down the hall to put a surprise under your pillow." They think it's hilarious, picturing me skipping down the hall all dressed up. Jay brought it up tonight as he was carefully placing the tooth box under his pillow.
He's upstairs now, sleeping, anxiously awaiting what the "tooth fairy" will bring.
Tomorrow I'll post a picture of his new smile. Oh, that missing tooth is going to make him look older...*sigh*