Thursday, October 29, 2009


All eight: (starting at 12 o'oclock): Jay (7.5), Rebekah (4.5), Hannah (9), Erika (7 mos.), Julia (almost 4), Ryan (nearing 3), Daniel (nearing 6), Joey (4.5).
Erika (7 months), Julia (almost 4), Bekah (4.5), and Ryan (will be 3 in January)
We have to dress Rebekah and Julia differently and do their hair differently or else we spend the whole day mixing the two of them up. They are roughly the same size, have similar hair, and their voices sound similar.

So, the kids have gotten whatever it is that has been going around and have been pretty sick for the past 2 weeks or so which hasn't exactly lent itself to many picture perfect moments.
However, last week my sister and her kids (so, 8 kids 9 and under in one house) came for a visit. Thought you'd enjoy a few cute shots of the cousins all together.