Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday, Julia!

Three year old Julia
Julia as a baby.

Well, it seems that there are no more babies in our house. Most days I am perfectly fine with that, but I have to admit that today, on Julia's birthday, I am feeling sentimental (as I do on each of their birthdays).

Julia is a very entertaining and adorable three year old. She is a combination of sweet and endearing and fiesty. She seems to be quite similar to her Great-Grandmother (who is why Julia's middle name is Ruth).

Julia's birthday CareBear cookies. Since it was just going to be the 6 of us, I made cookies instead of having more cake than we could eat. So, each person got a special cookie.

Julia talks like crazy. One of the things that makes me laugh the most is when she quotes things from stories (either on tv or in a book). Although she is quite mature for her age, she still has that baby look and voice. My favorite word of hers right now is "creeps." She'll say, "that gives me the queeps." I ask her to say it now and then just because it makes me smile.

Julia showing her creepy face.

Another thing she likes to do is make her siblings laugh. The other day I went to investigate why the three older ones were laughing hysterically (often laughter like that has its roots in trouble). I discovered that Julia was laying on the tile floor by our front door, making "floor angels" with her eyes closed and a perfectly straight face. Circled around her were her siblings laughing their heads off.

Along those lines, Julia's secret talent is keeping a straight face. You know the game, "Don't smile!" You know, where someone tries to make someone else smile by looking them in the eye and saying, "don't smile" until they can't take it anymore and they smile??? Well, all the other kids (and I have to admit, me too) cave within seconds of my husband starting that game. Julia on the other hand can keep a completely straight face for the longest time. Even while all the rest of us laugh about it. It's rather entertaining.

One more thing about Julia...she has a very compassionate heart. She is a nurturer, constantly taking care of her "babies." She is incredibly concerned when someone is hurt. She has a very sweet spirit. I'm curious to see how God will use this wonderful girl He's given to us.

Julia taking care of one of her babies in her new baby bed that she got for her birthday.