Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Featured Art Work

Julia picked an array of wild flowers and
showed them to me in a jumbled pile in her cute little hands.

Hannah then showed me the bouquet of wild flowers she had picked and
then tied with a piece of grass. It was a very pretty arrangement:
Julia then informed me that hers were in a pile because she was making a flower nest for the bird she was going to draw. She then asked me to turn on the basement light so that she could go downstairs and make her bird.
I found her later asleep on the family room floor, but when I went into the kitchen
I found her bird sitting in its nest.
I thought it was so cute that I had to take its picture:


Melissa E. said...

Is Tui the name of the bird? It is so cute and just made me think that Ivy would like to play paper-birdies and make nests. Maybe I will suggest it to her. Very cute. And, so cute that she just fell asleep in the family room, too.

Anonymous said...

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